Photo Booths

Bored guests WILL go home !!!

Once the formalities of the wedding are over, and with all the time and effort spent making your wedding the event that you’ve always dreamed of, keep your guests entertained with our open air photobooth.

Entertainment is everything because bored guests will go home, using any feasible excuse to make an exit, but with timing and anticipation, your guests, even though they may be tired, won’t be able to avoid the temptations of having their picture taken and playing the funny fool, with the opportunity to have the pictures printed and kept as a keepsake.

Even the most conservative of people, once coerced onto the mat for a family picture can’t but help coming for more, getting braver and braver on every return.

Photoshoots are expensive so why not take advantage of this affordable investment to create memories for yourself, family and friends.

Once the wedding is over we don’t just hand over a disk of the unedited pictures on the night, all the pictures are professionally edited, and put on a USB/Disc for a life time of forever memories, so you get to see what your guests got up to whilst you were on the dance floor